At Green Thumb Hydroponics we specialize in hydroponics, organics, indoor and outdoor gardening. Not only do we carry a huge stock of gardening supplies and equipment but we can help you design your grow room as well. We cater to all gardeners, the hobbyist all the way to the commercial gardener. Whether you prefer soil, hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics or deep water culture, we strive to provide the best products available at the most competitive prices in town. We know the advantages and disadvantages of each and every product we sell. Let us help you find the right products for your space and budget. You don’t have to drive to the Bay anymore to get the cheapest prices. You can get the lowest prices and exceptional service right here at Green Thumb Hydroponics. The staff at Green Thumb are avid gardeners who use the products we sell, and keep up with the latest industry innovations. So if your looking for the new cutting edge products that most hydro stores either don’t carry or know what your talking about or just looking for something super simple. Come in to Green Thumb Hydroponics any day of the week and let us hook you up.